Year, they walked to the meet at Franklin Park and I walked home with them afterward, which was great. TurnaroundThe Worcester State volleyball team run of 12 straight wins ended Saturday in a loss to Plymouth State, but the defeat Continue reading

A regular district that has elected method 1. To calculate their actual 2016 17 tuition rate as an alternative to the Commissioner’s report, must complete Department forms A41 (regular education) and A42 (special education) and submit them to the Division Continue reading

Nobody strikes fear into an NFL quarterback like seeing Revis lined up on the other side of the ball. His sheer presence forces opposing coaches and coordinators to completely revise their game plans. They know he’ll take their best player Continue reading

Effective Issue 33 of “The Signal” the model has been modified to achieve better long-term results. This came about as a result of extensive back testing and the discovery of errors Mr. Yanis’s back testing.

For the first time in 10 weeks the Y-Process is signaling “Buy.”  Still, given the fact that we are in an especially strange election year and the broad economic factors remain positively bizarre “discretion may be the better part Continue reading